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3rd May 2023

PayPal Subscriptions

On April 21st, we received a request from PayPal to switch to their new and upgraded payment gateway system. As a company, we value the importance of keeping up with the latest technologies and trends in the industry. Therefore, we proceeded with the change, hoping to provide our customers with a better and more streamlined experience.

However, after implementing the new system, we noticed several issues that we were not happy with. Specifically, we were concerned about the forced subscription model that PayPal had introduced, which we believe goes against our core value of providing our customers with the freedom of choice.

We immediately tried to resolve these issues with PayPal, but unfortunately, our attempts were unsuccessful. Due to this matter remaining unresolved, we made the decision to remove the new gateway and revert back to the old one.

In addition, we went back to the 21st of April and cancelled every subscription payment made on the new system. If you wish to have a subscription, you can choose this on your next invoice, and as always, the choice will be yours to make. Please Note that any payment made on the new system has been accepted and cleared, and this change only affects future payments.

Moving forward, we are actively exploring the possibility of developing a new custom gateway system that will use PayPal's new system while still allowing our customers the freedom of choice that they have come to expect from us. We appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

22nd January 2023


We are aware with an issue with Panel/Readarr on older seedboxes boxes made before june 23rd of 2022 this is due to them running on ubuntu 18..04. We are working on a way to upgrade the OS to a newer version. If you need your OS updated sooner there are 4 choices 1) you can Format your seedbox ( All data and setting will be lost ) .2) you can Open a ticket and ask for a Reinstall Keeping user data ( you will need to make backups of your app's to restore them, If you only have default app's ie Rutorrent ftp Panel these will be auto restored and torrents will be reloaded ) . 3) You can ask us to upgrade your OS by hand you will be added to a list and dealt with asap there is still a risk of some apps breaking and they would need you to back them up first ( App's known to break Deluge1 does not work on the newer os Deluge2, Overseerr,ZNC needs to be reinstalled) If you risk choice 3 while we will attempt to make sure all app's and settings are kept there is a risk app's and settings will be lost so back them up before asking us to do this!!!! 4) You can wait as long as your not installing new app's your current systems will keep on working and once we are 100% the upgrade script will work we will then do them ( there may always be a chance of losing app's no matter what but no data will ever be lost)

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17th June 2022

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16th June 2022

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15th June 2022

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14th June 2022

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13th June 2022

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12th June 2022

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11th June 2022

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