Seedboxes Pre 23rd June 2022 Sunday 18th February 2024 14:31:30

We're aware of an issue with older seedboxes manufactured before June 23rd, 2022, which run on Ubuntu 18.04. Currently, apps known to be broken on this OS include Panel, Readarr, Deluge, and a few others. Unfortunately, any apps not installing cannot be fixed by us, as they are no longer supported on the older OS.

Moving forward, there are three choices:

  1. You can format your seedbox (Please note: all data and settings will be lost).
  2. You can open a ticket and request a reinstall while keeping user data (You'll need to make backups of your apps to restore them. If you only have default apps like Rutorrent, FTP Panel, these will be automatically restored along with torrents).
  3. You can ask us to upgrade your OS manually. You'll be added to a list and dealt with as soon as possible. However, there's still a risk of some apps breaking, so they should be backed up before proceeding. (Apps known to break include Deluge1, which doesn't work on the newer OS, Deluge2, Overseerr, ZNC, all of which need to be reinstalled).

While we'll attempt to ensure all apps and settings are preserved with option 3, there's still a risk of loss, so please back them up before requesting this option!